ColorLite sph9i

High resolution spectral color measurement for industrial applications


  • Optional automatic calibration unit
  • Connection to process control system via PROFIBUS, Ethernet, USB, RS232
  • Visual indicator with red and green LEDs
  • 100% colour control of your production in laboratory precision (< 0,1 DE)
  • Many alternative probe heads available
  • Connection cable between probe head and main system in customer specific lengths
  • Calibration using a white (BAM certified) ceramic tile
  • Aluminum casing with EMC screening
  • Data transfer via RS232/USB-cable, length customer specific


  • Ideal for OEM Solutions

  • Continual control of production colours for plastics, textiles, paper etc.

  • Product specific adaption to customer needs

  • Non-contact measurement by using probe head MKi3010 or MA38


Probe head geometry

45°/ 0° – circular illumination at 45° measurement at 0° or d / 0° –  according to DIN 5033

Standard observer

2° (1931) and 10° (1964)


D65, D55, F11, A, C

Colour data

XYZ; Yxy; DE CIE L*a*b*; L*C*h*, L*u*v*; DE CIE94; DE CMC, DL*,Da*,Db*

Spectral range

400 nm to 700 nm


10 nm (internal 3,5 nm)


210 mm x 110 mm x 45 mm


< 0.1 DE (typical 0,04) measured on ideal white surface


FRAM Stores up to 1000 colours and 200 standards


Supplied with white standard certified by the BAM (Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung)

Supply voltage

9 -36 VDC

Ambient temperature

15 to 55° C


max. 85%, non-condensing


serial communication from:

*USB, isolated

*RS232, isolated

*CAN, isolated

Digital input/output:

4/4-channel digital I/O for reading and writing status,

feedback for industrial control systems and switchboards

4 isolated inputs 0-30V

4 isolated outputs 0-30V, current load 0.7A/channel