ColorTube Basic

The new developed high quality ColorTube is a benchtop spectrophotometer from ColorLite. The device is made from only highest quality materials like solid aluminium housing and safety glass front.


  • High-End two channel system for highest precision
  • Variable adjustment of the measuring area  from 3 to 30 mm
  • Solid aluminium housing
  • The integrated gloss trap allows measurements with and without gloss exclusion


Benchtop-Spectrophotometer ColorTube Basic

Measurement Geometry

Two channel d/8° diffuse illumination; 8° viewing

SCI (specular component included)

SCE (specular component excluded) switchable

Integrating sphere size

140 mm

Measuring area

3 to 30 mm continuously variable adjustable

Displayed spectral range

400 mm to 700 mm

Spectral resolution

Holographic grating spectrometer FWHM**@ 500 nm < 10 nm Scanning in 3,5 nm interval 115 steps per scan

Spectral separation device

Planar diffraction grating

Measurement ragen

0 to 175%


D65, D55, D50, A, C, F11

Standard Observer

2° (1931) and 10° (1964)


dE = 0,01 CIELab

Colour Scales

XYZ, Yxy, dE CIE L*a*b*, L*u*v*,  L*C*h, Hunter Lab dE, dE94, dE2000, CMC1:1,
CMC2:1, dECMCdyn CIE-L*a*b* diagram incl. Tolerance limits

Quality control tolerance limits and colour differences

dE CIELab; dL, da, db; du, dv; dL, dC, dh; Min/Max, PASS/ FAIL,  dECMC (1:1 und 1:2)

Other Values

Contrast: LRV – BS 8493:2008, various white-index values, various yellowness-index values, grey-index

International norms

ASTM D 2244, D 6290, E 308, E 1164 DIN 5033, 5036, 6174 DIN EN ISO 11664 ISO 7724

PC connection



370 x 235 x 180mm  5,2Kg

Light Source

White and blue LED‘s, Life span > 20 year


Automatic white calibration