ColorLite sph900

Flexible like no other spectral photometer on the market

This device represents a further innovation in the field of colorimetry, with extremly user-friendly features . For the evaluation, analysis and making reports of the colour data, the database software ColorDaTra is available.



  • Combi-device with two geometries according to DIN5033: 45°/0° AND d/8°
  • Spectral colour measurement of: plastics, paints, paper, textiles, liquids, granules, powder,…
  • Perfectly simple handling
  • Probe head only 25 mm diameter –  therefore ideally suited for measuring small and curved parts
  • Highest repeatability < 0,04 DE (typical 0,02)
  • High contrast O-LED colour display
  • Bluetooth and USB V.2
  • Great price-performance ratio



  • Colour measurement and registration of goods intake and goods output according to DIN EN ISO 9000 standard
  • Objective quality control of colours within a production
  • Colour difference measurement to reference colours stored on the device



45°/0° according to DIN 5033 optional d/8° with the MA35-UK adapter
Standard Observer 2° and 10°
Illuminants D65, D55, D50, A, C, F11
Colour Scales XYZ, Yxy, E CIE L*a*b*, L* u* v*, L*C*h, Hunter Lab, PASS/FAIL
Spectral Range 400nm to 700 nm, scanning in 3.5nm steps
Light Source White and blue LED‘s, extremely long life span
Power Supply Akku NiMH 6-Volt/1100 mAh
Repeatability < 0.05 E CIELab
Scanning Time Complete measurement cycle 0.5 sec
PC-Interface USB 2.0, RS232 (optional)
User-Mode Limited user rights – Password protected
Calibration With white standard certified by the Federal Institute for Materials Research (Bundesanstalt for Materialforschung – BAM)
optional – 2-stage calibration with working standard
Memory 1000 standard colours, 1000 colour values and 300 spectra (400-700nm / 3.5nm steps)
Display High resolution TFT display
Accessories For the measurement of inhomogeneous samples, transparent, translucent and
opaque liquids, powders in cuvettes or tablet form and more.
Automatic Accessory
Accessories are detected and device settings automatically modfied accordingly.
Climatic Conditions
Ambient temperature
15°C to 45°C, relative humidity: max. 85% non-condensing



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