FOGL Benchtop Soil Calcimeter

Soil Science

FOGL  Bench-top Soil Calcimeter

FOGL Benchtop Soil Calcimeter

FOGL Benchtop Soil Calcimeter

Determination of the total
inorganic carbon in soil as
equivalent calcium carbonate
content in the Lab

FOGL Bench-top Soil Calcimeter for Laboratory use

Now total carbonate content measurements is as simple as never before. The FOGL Bench-top Soil Calcimeter with automatic temperature compensation (patented) offers dramatically improved levels of performance, productivity, reliability, ease of use and flexibility. FOGL bench-top calcimeter provide best accuracy total carbonate content measurements. High quality, easy handling and featuring data export capabilities.


  • digital
  • portable
  • low cost
  • accurate, precise
  • automatic
  • rapid and reliable results
  • productive
  • ease of use

CarboSoft® desktop software for Microsoft Windows 8.x, 10.0

4.3” Touch LCD Display with backlight

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User Interface: 4.3” Touch LCD Display with backlight. Operating panel inclined by 20°
Power Supply: 9V DC (110/220V AC, 50/60 Hz)
Units: % CaCO3 (CCE)
Working Range: 0 – 100% CaCO3 (CCE)
Accuracy/Resolution: 0.5% / 0.1% CaCO3
Linearity (r2): 0.999
Temperature: Automatic compensation with build in temperature sensor 5 – 50°C
Reaction Vessel: Glass bottle
Sample Volume: 0.500–5.000g
Sample Analysis Time: Approx. 30 sec
Memory The last 50 measurements can be stored internally
Protection IP65
Dimensions LxWxH: 225x165x104mm (package 360x250x150mm)
Weight: 500g
Material: Case: ABS (UL 94 HB) · Membrane keyboard: Polyester (PET) · Display: Resin coated (scratch resistant)
CE Mark: Complies with the EU directive
Standards RoHS compliant
Standards: Complies with EN ISO 10693, ASTM D4373-02 and Soil Science Society of America standard test methods for calcium carbonate content in soils and sediments.
Prod. Num Description
FOGL FOGL Calcimeter including bottle, cuvettes, calibration CaCO3 standard, power supply, operating manual.
BT-100 Replacement bottle
HC-150 Head cup complete
CarboSoft® desktop software for Microsoft Windows 8.x, 10.0