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BD INVENTIONS is the official partner of the

UGT – Umwelt-Geräte-Technik GmbH company

Sedimat 4-12
Laboratory apparatus to determine the particle size
distribution in soils in accordance with DIN ISO 11277

BD Inventions. The company

Balkan Center, Thessaloniki, Greece

BD Inventions is a startup pioneering company specializing in research and development of prototype electronic instruments as well as manufacturing and selling laboratory and field analytical instruments. By working in close collaboration with our customers, we can ensure that we provide not only a technologically advanced product, but also a value chain through the whole process. Premium products along with excellent technical support help our customers to achieve their goals.

New Technology. Rapidly to Market.

ΒD Inventions philosophy is to provide the very latest and innovative technologies that are required by our customers for their efficiency improvement.


BD Inventions. Global network partners

BD Inventions employs a collaborative R&D model, forging partnerships with academic, research institutions, and companies to bring new innovative products. We are represented worldwide by specially selected partners. Innovation exists all around us, with a robust R&D engine. The company is developing through collaborations, and we are constantly looking for new opportunities that complement our portfolio.